The winter Olympics was held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Japanese athletes won 13 medals in Mogul skiing, Speed skating, Figure skating, Ski jumping, Half-pipe, Nordic Combined and so on. I'd like to investigate what the economic effects at the Pyeonchang Olympic are.

Lee Hee-heon, who is the chairman of the Pyeongchang *Olympic Organization Committee, said that the economic effect would be 32 trillion, 200 billion won in 10 years. (It's equivalent to about 3 trillion, 230 billion yen) They created a lot of employment in construction of the facilities of stadiums. After the Olympics finish, the facilities will be used as the *convention center and for the tourists. And it will produce big economic effects and 390,000 people from overseas are expected to visit.

The Olympic and Paralympic games will be held in Tokyo in 2020. I really hope that the new National Stadium in Tokyo will be reused effectively after the closing of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic and will be a useful for the citizens of Tokyo.

*Olympic Organization Committee オリンピック組織委員会

*convention center 会議場




Harumi Miyahara

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