Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day all over the world, which is the day of giving some presents to her or his valentine.  I'd like to *investigate what the economic effect in Japan is. The sales amount for Valentine's Day in 2017 in Japan was estimated at about 138.5 billion yen, which has been increasing by 3% more than the previous year, and was higher compared with the 134 billion yen last year. This was about 4 billion yen more than the estimated amount of about 134.5 billion yen on Halloween last year, and it's the highest amount in Valentine's Day history *,exceeding about 138 billion yen in 2012.

Why was the last year's sales amount the highest ever? Let me show you the reason why? The Japanese Valentine's Day was introduced by *confectionary makers, Merry Chocolate Co.,Ltd. at Isetan department store in Shinjuku in 1958, which was given a hint from the events of lovers who had been doing the same in Europe. So, the Japanese Valentine's Day has become the celebratory event for women who want to give chocolates to their lovers.

However, the amount of giving chocolates to friends and families has been increasing year by year. It's called "TOMO(for friends) chocolate" and "Fami (for family) chocolate".

*investigate 調査する、調べる

*exceeding 超過した

*confectionary maker お菓子メーカー




Harumi Miyahara

Uchiyama FP Office Co,.Ltd.