The other day, my son took the *enrollment examination of the private high school. If he was able to pass the exam fortunately, I would have to pay 40,000yen as an enrollment fee for the private high school. Even if he passes the public high school test which is his *first choice, that 40,000yen won't be refunded. It's a heavy burden for parents whose children will enroll the schools.

Due to the heavy economic burden particularly carried by households with children attending private school, the new tuition support system helps low income households with a high school student based on the household's annual income. The government pays tuition support to households with a high school student that pay less than 304,200yen for *municipal graded income tax (household with an annual income of under 9.1 million yen), regardless of whether the school is national, public, or private. To receive *tuition support funds, an application must be submitted along with additional documentation distributed through the school to confirm he household's municipal graded income tax amount (notification of municipal income tax, notification of collection of residence tax, *tax declaration certificate).

*enrollment examination 入学試験

*first choice 第一志望

*municipal graded income tax 市町村税所得割額

*tuition support funds (授業料)就学支援金

*tax declaration certificate 納税申告書



Harumi Miyahara

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